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Here are some preview tracks:

Stupid Little Fellow
Tell Me
     Stupid Little Fellow
Tell Me

We have two previous releases. The original demo is our first recording as a band, and the music that got us signed & started. It's still available on the Internet from Amazon. The Halloween E.P. was a limited edition release, and is no longer available. If you can find someone who has one, get them to burn you a copy! I'd consult the Message Boards for that.

Original Demo
1. Go Back
2. Flow
3. Ringin' & Ringin' (home mix)
4. Junk Drawer
5. Straight Lines
6. Lettenem Know
7. Lighter Now
8. Poke Me with a Fork
9. It's Rain

Halloween E.P.
1. O'Day mp3
2. Cemetery Boys mp3
3. Tell Me mp3
4. The Crapper mp3
5. Ringin' & Ringin' mp3
6. It Ain't Funny (by Nuclear Anonymous & The Peak Show) mp3