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Film / TV / Soundtrack Licenses of Original songs by The Peak Show
"Tell Me" - in Lipstick Jungle (2009!)
"Tell Me" - in Living Lohan (2008!)
"Stolen Kisses" - in A Cinderella Story w/ Hillary Duff
"Stupid Little Fellow" in the theatrical trailer for Ice Age II: The Meltdown
"Stupid Little Fellow" - in CSI
"Stupid Little Fellow" - in the TV spot for Scary Movie 3
"Stupid Little Fellow" - in Malcolm in the Middle
"Get Away, Yeah" - in Scooby Doo and the Legend of the Vampire
"Stay With Me" - in THEM on FOX
"O'Day" - in CSI Miami
"Stupid Little Fellow" - in Grind the movie and soundtrack
"Tainted Love" - the soundtrack for "The Legend of Christian Hosoi" (avail. on iTunes)

As a result of some very enthusiastic reviews from GarageBand.com members, "Flow" is the Electronic Track of the Week.

Mean Street Magazine, January 2004 VOL 14.07

LA Times Article from January 1st, 2004.

LA Times Coachella Article from May 1st, 2001

HearSay Magazine Review of our 2003 SXSW performance

Dreaming Of Babylon Playlist - KUSP Santa Cruz

Pictures from the Dog Rescue Benefit Concert at Mr. T's

Promotional Page from the BMI Showcase that started it all

KCRW Playlist from 9/27/01

The Nixon Tapes 6/01 Playlist

Fan Gushing Web Page
Last night's concert was an experience never to forget. The show opened with The Peak Show. Dude, the lead singer was majorly cool. Her voice was soooo good and she had this whole hardcore Nelly Furtado thing going on. Man, thats another idol to add to my list of idols: Avril Lavigne, Bjork, Shannyn Sossamon, the Break Dancing Girl, and now The Peak Show girl. The black guy, Alex Painter, in The Peak Show was super hot, too, and I told him that when we ran into him after the show. He kind of just laughed nervously and gave me like a "dude...gotta get out of here cuz this teeny bopper's hitting on me" look. Oh well, at least it boosted his self esteem. After The Peak Show, the B-Side Players went on. They rocked, too. The bongos guy brought out his little toddler son. He was probably barely two years old (the kid, not the bongos player) and serioulsy looked like a kid sent from angels. Let me tell you, this is the cutest kid ever. He had his mini-guitar with him and he was strumming along to the songs. I'm guessing the dad brings the kid with him to practices all the time cuz this kid was syncronized superbly with the rest of the guys. Parada took, like, ten pictures of the kid...SOOOOOOO gosh darn adorable!! So to all of you at UCSD who missed this show...sucks big time for you...cuz you missed one of the best muther-foqing shows IN THE WORLD!!
We made it to the heart of a suicide girl
I'm pretty sure that this particular member is a boy . Suicide Girls is an alternative erotica site, and I have to say, these girls are pretty damn cute! Look at their musical tastes - these are my people!
Elizabeth Rawls - Fan E-mail RE: Coachella
I saw you guys at Coachella, and you rocked so much. I was giddy about seeing such a great act that I knew nothing about. You drew me away from bigger acts and made me happy. I was the girl who pointed out that I had the same sunglasses. The next day those sunglasses broke, and I was sad, but happy that they made me special for one moment. Thanks for the free CD, even if I had to settle for the old one. They are all new to me. I will tell all my friends and relatives about you guys (and girl). By the way, when will I be able to purchase the new CD? Sincerely, Liz, a new fan.
MTV.com News For the Record
For the second year in a row, Los Angeles funk-rock group the Peak Show successfully performed two guerilla shows at Coachella, setting up their own stage in the center of Empire Polo Field. The band's debut, produced by Mario Caldato Jr. (Beastie Boys), and mixed by Serban Ghenea (N.E.R.D.), is due October 14. ...asdf
Las Vegas City Life Magazine - Coachella Props
"The other big surprise at Coachella this year was the Peak Show. The band wasn't on the list of scheduled performers, but there it was, right outside the food court, set up in the grass with no stage, surrounded by a chain-link fence. The album, due out in October, is mellow rock under the sweet singing of lead vocalist Holland Greco. But the band's live show is energy-packed, forcing anyone within earshot to bounce a little."


Con Sin Radio
Hosted by Humberto & Claire on Kill Radio.org.

Mother Tongue
Hotter than you're mothers rats - Who wrote that? Mother Tongue is the world's greatest hard rock band. No kidding! Check them out to be enlightened and moved.

Go Betty Go
Our favorite all female latina punk rock group. Go Betty!

Mrs. Dewson's Hats
Did you ever wonder where we get our super ill hats? Visit Mrs. Dewson's and be seduced by style.

The greatest online radio station in existence. Listen to their live stream or check out the archives for some no joke booty shakin'.

Watch Little Movies by big people who do not suck.

Mr. T's Bowl
See what's going on at our favorite most fabulous club.

Bad Haiku
Window to the souls of our fellow humans.

Bad Math
Home to the smartest people in the world aka our web site designers.

Max Miceli
Where does our ill art work come from? Walk through the mind of Max & indulge.

Mario Caldato Jr.
Meet the man with the Beastie Boy Past and the Peakin' out present.

Los Angeles' finest Latin Hip Hop Salsa jazz funk dance band.

The Peak Show on Myspace
more songs, more photos, old flyers, all our friends, snazzy design, check it out.